Study Title: PAN turns over 5 POW's to Sky Soldiers

Subject: On September 18th Dutch resistance fighters of the Partizanen Actie Nederland (Partisans Action Netherlands) took five German Paratoopers (Fallschirmjaeger) prisoner and turned them over to troops of the 506th Regiment on Wal.

Date: September 18th, 1944

Location: Eindhoven, Holland



On September 18th 1944, a group of Dutch resistance fighters realizes that this is the day their city is being liberated. They don their characteristic blue coveralls, black Dutch army helmets and white brassards. Their actions are recorded by amateur photographers at every street corner. From the start of their patrol on Hagenkampweg Noord to Hoog Straat when they capture five German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjaeger to Wal where they turn their prisoners over to American paratroopers. This is a pictorial story of one of the actions of the Partisan Action Netherlands (PAN)

For now, this is just a preview as the complete Battle Study # 4 is being drawn up at this time.


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Eindhoven, September 18th 1944

Partizanen Actie Nederland (PAN) resistance fighters are marching down Hagenkamp Weg. Walking point is Eddy Verkaik.


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The German Fallschirmjaeger are eventually handed over to the first patrol of American paratrooper the resistance fighters meet on Wal who immediately search them for weapons.
And for souvenirs.

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