Study Title: Sky Soldiers cross RR X-ing

Subject: On September 18th 1944 Paratroopers of the 506th cross the Rail Road crossing on Fellenoord and Paralell Weg. Many amateur photographers and cameramen were present. A photo gallery.

Date: September 18th, 1944

Location: Eindhoven, Holland


These are the photographs that were taken at the Rail Road crossing that day.

Details of interest are:

  • the civilian horse drawn carts used to haul equipment

  • the 'pepper mill' concrete booth for policemen to direct traffic on the crossing

  • General Taylor and his staff inspecting the capture of Eindhoven in their jeep

  • the Red Cross bicycle ambulance used to bring wounded to the Binnen Ziekenhuis-hospital in the center of Eindhoven.

Some photographs appear twice, but in different format or detail.

(click on pictures to enlarge)



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