Study Title: Sky Soldiers take five on Museum Lawn.

Subject: After liberating Eindhoven on the 18th of September 1944, soldiers of the 506th Regiment take some time to rest and relax on the lawn in front of the Van Abbe Museum.

Date: September 18th, 1944

Location: Corner of Vest Dijk and Bilderberg Laan, Eindhoven


Introduction: One of the companies in the 506th was ordered to take some rest on the lawn in front of the Van Abbe Museum on the corner of Bilderberg Laan and Vest Dijk. Across the street was the former Wehrmacht Ortskommandantur; the German Army's Town Commandant's Headquarters. Colonel Sink set up his Regimental CP in the building. Photographers were present and took these shots of paratroopers relaxing, smoking and giving autographs while their heavier equipment was being brought in by horse drawn carts.


Some soldiers also got souvenirs of Eindhoven:


These are the pictures: 

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