On this page our reports on commemorative and re-enactment events that we have attended are published.
With the intention to achieve a better understanding of what really happened in combat or during a specific battle, we sometimes participate in living history events. Through this, we strive to approach the actual experience of certain historical episodes and honor the veterans who fought in these battles.

Re-enacting the June 20, 1944 Carentan Award Ceremony
On board with the Liberty Jump Team, Bastogne Jump
Report of the 64th commemoration of "Market Garden"
Report of the 65th commemoration of "Market Garden"
Report of the 326th Medical Co. Monument Dedication
Report of the 66th commemoration of "Market Garden"
Report of PFC George Roth's visit to Grave
Report of the 67th commemoration of "Market Garden"
Report of Forrest Nichols's visit to Sint Oedenrode
Radio Broadcast of 1956 Joe Mann Monument Dedication
Report of John Nasea's visit to Landing Zone "W"
Report of the 68th commemoration of "Market Garden"
1960's Monument Fountain to the 101st Airborne in Son, The Netherlands
All Saints Ceremony at German POW Cemetery on Ft. Campbell, KY
Report of Veterans Day 2012 in Clarksville, TN
Report of the 29252nd daily Last Post Ceremony in Ypres, Belgium
Report of the 70th commemoration of "Market Garden"
Funeral of two soldiers of the Wiltshire Regiment, Oosterbeek 2016
Report of the 73rd commemoration of "Market Garden"
Report of the 1311th Sunset March in Nijmegen
Report of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day
CANCELLED 75th Anniversary of Operation "Varsity" 
Report of the 438th Anniversary of the "Wonder of Empel"

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